Great Day Out at Alan Gibbs Farm

On Sunday February 28th 2010, supporters of Muriel Newman's New Zealand Centre for Political Research and Owen McShane's Centre for Resource Management Studies are invited to a special get-together at Alan Gibbs’ Farm.

The NZCPR is a public policy think tank that promotes the benefits of freedom, liberty and limited government through research, publications and open public debate at and the CRMS is a public policy think tank focusing on Resource Management and related issues at

The Farm is a 1,000 acre Sculpture Park bordering the Kaipara Harbour. It features priceless works by national and internationally renowned artists. The site-specific art works interact strongly with the lanscape and the ever-changing light, creating a lasting impression on all visitors to The Farm.

In addition, the exotic animals of the farm, including giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, and yaks, create living sculptures...and Alan’s Aquada car … well, that’s a technological sculpture in a class of its own!

It will be a wonderful day - wandering the park, viewing the sculptures, enjoying the animals, and delighting in the sheer beauty of the surroundings....

The gates to the Farm will open at 10am and close at 6pm. Casual clothing is recommended - complete with a sunhat, raincoat and good walking shoes to cover all weather possibilities!

The Champagne luncheon - with its picnic-style menu will be an entertaining affair:

  • Alan Gibbs, Don Brash and Roger Douglas will all explain what they would do if they were New Zealand’s dictator for a year!

  • A celebrity auction will be held, featuring an exclusive selection of highly desirable items!

  • Alan will share his vision for the Farm and describe the journey to date!

In addition, throughout the day, opportunities will be provided to meet with Muriel, Owen, and the guest speakers. There will also be guided tours of the sculptures by Jeep, rides in the Aquada, as well as helicopter flights over the Farm.

Alan Gibbs is inviting all supporters to attend THE GREAT DAY OUT at his farm on the 28th February, 2010.

Standard Donation supporters will enjoy a day at the farm and the Champagne lunch, and have a chance to share ideas with the Trustees and Directors and their friends and colleagues.

Premium Donation supporters will also be able to chose one of the following:

  • A guided tour of the works of art by jeep, or
  • A ride in the Aquada on the lake, or
  • A helicopter flight over the farm.

Muriel and Owen look forward to sharing this memorable day with you!

Registrations for the Great Day Out at the Farm are now closed. Thank you for your interest.